Danylo Kurliak

Dear friends,

The tragic event that resulted in the loss of Danylo Kurliak one year ago in a summer camp of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, was deeply painful for us and made us reflect on the priorities of our society and how we envision the future of our young people.

The current economic situation in Ukraine makes it difficult to achieve the safety standards for installations of other European nations. This gap is even more visible if we compare the disparity of working opportunities young people have just by crossing borders.

With this in mind, we decided to work towards making a…

Данило Курляк

Дорогі друзі,

Трагічна подія результатом якої є смерть Данила, яка сталася в літньому дитячому таборі в Івано-Франківській області в Україні, де він працював перед університетом у серпні 2019 року, дуже боляче вразила нас і зробила чутливішими і уважнішими до проблем і пріорітетів нашого суспільства, спонукала задуматись про майбутнє наших молодих людей.

Теперішня економічна ситуація в Україні створює умови, в яких важко досягнути євпропейських стандартів безпеки. Цей розрив із стандартами інших євпропейських націй є більш видимим, якщо ми порівняємо можливості працевлаштування для молодих людей, як тільки вони перетинають європейські та інші кордони.

Мій попередній досвід координації невідкладних зусиль, щодо відповідальності і…

Rewards for our community of white-hat warriors

Illustrations by Lea Filipo.

UPDATE: OpenEthereum is being deprecated. The Bug Bounty Program will be deprecated and not receive more applications after the London Upgrade on August 5th 2021.

We are glad to present the guidelines for our new bug bounty program. Its goal is to deliver a stable and secure Ethereum client while rewarding the community for helping us find and address significant security gaps.

The scope of the program is our OpenEthereum client located in this Github repository and the associated released binaries.


We will consider bugs affecting Ethereum mainnet that threaten the network security and could jeopardize its stability.

Bugs which…

We are committed to focusing 100% of our efforts to provide resilience to Ethereum mainnet

Illustrations by Lea Filipo.

Direction of OpenEthereum

We’re here to share recent changes in the direction of OpenEthereum and shed light on our decision to further diverge from Parity’s original vision for the client. For many years, the Parity client served as a playground for experimentation on custom blockchains and different consensus mechanisms, while slowly developing into an increasingly complex, multi-purpose tool. However, as the ecosystem has grown considerably since, it has become clear that the most important goals for the client have shifted. As the former Parity client, OpenEthereum’s top priority today is to improve the diversity of client functionality on Ethereum mainnet by building resilient…

A good explanation of Ethereum really depends on a person’s background and needs to appeal to their experience, culture and values.

Original publication

I was asked a while ago how I would explain Ethereum to a person who knows nothing about it and that question kept resonating with me for days.

Having a first hand experience in different financial systems from developing countries made me consider our ecosystem from a different perspective when trying to empathize with people.

To my Ukrainian friends I would explain how no financial service companies from first world countries could geo block them because they live in a "risky" country. How they can have working payment rails in their websites, similar to services like Paypal which is currently blocked and…

Marcelo Ruiz de Olano

Building on Ethereum. DEFI user. Nomad researcher. Passionate about anthropology and slow travel.

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